Excellent standards in space efficiency, transparency and function

Energy Plaza's focus on training and the areas of energy, automotive and aerospace is clearly shown: First things that catches the eye are the numerous e-charging stations outside the building. Inside the building, the image of runways of an international airport covers all floors. Starting at the entrance, lights lead you to the elevators and the rooms. Energy Plaza offers an attractive environment for your employees. Visitors are welcomed in an entertaining way.

Energy Plaza provides entrepreneurs with what they require for their employees, business partners and clients: modern infrastructure, furnishing of the highest quality and stylish design that can be found across the building. And of course, the invisible gold of our times: high-speed Internet (150 Mbit / s) with a direct connection throughout the entire building. Adjustable walls and the underground supply on 4,500 square meters over five levels make any individual, shared or open-plan offices as well as call centers possible. Interested individuals with different needs will find the ideal solution.


The city of Ludwigsburg has many skilled workers on site. Take advantage of the existing potential of the city.


Take advantage of the convenient location, direct transport links and various highlights of the modern residence city of Ludwigsburg in Southern Germany.


The efficient layout of the flexible partition system allows you to create individual, combined and open-plan offices on all floors. In addition, your workspace has a power supply that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing as it is provided underground.


HighSpeed-Internet with 150 Mbit/s offers a whole new dimension of fast and convenient communication across the building.


The modern and contactless access control system along with the connected alarm system ensures maximum safety throughout the building.


A modern air conditioning system is provided and guarantees excellent air quality for a productive working climate all year round.


Charging stations for cars and charging stations for pedelecs right outside the building ensure comfort and cost-effective, eco-friendly mobility.


Take advantage of the available parking spaces yourself and for your employees, business partners and clients.